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    Alcheringa is proud to present an historic print exhibition that focuses on Vancouver Island-based artists, whose innovative work has made a resounding impact on contemporary art of the Northwest Coast. Artists such as TEMOSEN Charles Elliott, Delmar Johnnie Seletze’ and Mark Henderson alongside Beau Dick Art Thompson and Susan Point to name a few
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    Calvin Hunt

    Calvin Hunt’s solo exhibition exemplifies his cultural knowledge and 45 years of carving experience. From Masks to Totem Poles, to Power Boards, this exhibition truly captures an evolution in fine art along with the diversity, spirituality and transformation of Kwakwaka’wakw culture. As Calvin says” Fine art constantly evolves; it allows a lens through which the fluidity and creativity of the art of the Northwest Coast is expressed. Working within the elements of traditional Southern Kwakiutl art, my art work crosses the continuum of history and the present.”
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    Skimming the Water: Paddle Exhibition

    Skimming the Water: Paddle Exhibition Alcheringa Gallery In an artistic context, Northwest Coast paddles have evolved from tradition and function into a method for artists to interpret their style onto a truly unique ‘canvas’. This exhibition pairs emerging artists alongside renowned artists, in an attempt to examine the contemporary art form. At Alcheringa Gallery on Fort Street. http://www.alcheringa-gallery.com