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    Draw by Drawing returns! These are weekly drawing drop-in sessions facilitated by VISA Director, Instructor and Artist, Wendy Welch. A unique fun and imaginative project will be presented each week. $15/session. All materials supplied. Lots of parking! Sessions start next week, Thursday, May 23. This is a great way to put some art in your life without committing to a full course.
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    Friday, May 31 composer Giorgio Magnanensi will present RISONANZE, a workshop exploring the possibilities of using different materials as audio resonators. It will feature Giorgio’s West Coast Radians, which are cedar speakers made out of reclaimed wood and used in the current gallery exhibition, Field Guides for Listeners. The workshop will be followed by a sound performance by Giorgio and Victoria-based composer, multi-media artist, and facilitator Tina Pearson. Sound workshop: Friday, May 31, 5-7pm Performance: Friday, May 31, 7:30-8:30pm Open Space is not wheelchair accessible and is accessed by a flight of 23 stairs with two landings. There are two gender inclusive washrooms, one multi-stall and one single stall with a urinal. If you have any other questions or concerns about accessibility, please contact office [at] openspace.ca or 250-383-8833.
  5. The money laundering inquiry should look at the relationships between black market cannabis and logging contractors, how did some of those guys buy their fancy equipment? When a bank wouldn't touch loans in gluted markets.
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    In store at Munro's Books. Doors will open at 6:30. Tickets: $20, includes a copy of Indigenous Relations You may recall last year's runaway bestseller, 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act, which helped us all understand the legacy of that not-so-long-ago document. Knowledge is the first step. Next comes action. Author Bob Joseph, founder of Indigenous Corporate Training Inc, will be teaching a mini-class based on his new book, Indigenous Relations: Insights, Tips & Suggestions to Make Reconciliation a Reality. With an eight-part process designed for both individuals and corporations, Indigenous Relations will equip you with the necessary skills to respectfully avoid missteps in your work and daily life—benefiting workplace culture as well as the bottom line. If you have ever been curious about the state of reconciliation in Canada and what we can all do to make it a reality, you won't want to miss this event.
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    One of Victoria’s finest short story writers returns this spring with another breathtaking collection. In Meteorites, Julie Paul explores the myriad ways we pick up the pieces after our lives have been shattered, whether through death or injury or subtler (but no less powerful) impacts. Twins in love with the same girl, grieving sons fleeing to faraway lands, duty-bound Sunday organists and criminals shedding dark pasts—no matter how quotidian or extraordinary their circumstances, Paul’s characters remain deeply human and infinitely compelling.
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    Vancouver Island. It’s easy to romanticize our lush, idyllic home—but there’s more to life here than hiking, whale watching, and wine. In Island Home, local chronicler Anny Scoones gives voice to the quirkier side of Island life, from overenthusiastic foodies, to chainsaw carving festivals and the giant gnome just north of Nanoose Bay. No matter what prompts her latest “little think,” Scoones proves an essential literary tour guide for anyone intrigued by our eclectic corner of Canada. Round up your neighbours and enjoy this local launch!
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    See June 3rd listing.
  11. Victoria Event Explores life of Early Bute Inlet Pioneers Victoria’s Bolen Books is pleased to present an event with Judith Williams, who will be giving a talk and slide show based on her new book, Raincoast Chronicles 24: Cougar Companions, Bute Inlet Country and the Legendary Schnarrs ($26.95, Harbour Publishing), which explores the history of Bute Inlet and traces the remarkable story of the Schnarr family. Williams’s presentation, which will be followed by a book signing, takes place on Tuesday, May 28 at 7pm. Raincoast Chronicles 24 is an impeccably researched and richly illustrated history of Bute Inlet’s pioneering residents, including August Schnarr and his family. Schnarr, a trapper and a logger in the region from 1910 until the 1960s, was also an amateur photographer who faithfully took a Kodak camera on his many expeditions and used it to capture experiences on the family homestead. To create this fascinating history of these pivotal pioneers, Williams went on research trips to Bute Inlet and the Homathko Valley, conducted interviews and delved into oral history and old diaries. She also used Schnarr’s impressive collection of photos showing life on the remote BC coast—including those of floathouses, log booms, steam donkeys, residents with giant fish catches, boats and pictures documenting August’s daughters with their pet cougars. Judith Williams is an assistant professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia and is also the author of Clam Gardens (New Star Books, 2006) and Dynamite Stories (New Star Books, 2003). She lives on Cortes Island, BC. Bolen Books is located at Hillside Centre (1644 Hillside Avenue). Admission is free and books will be for sale at the event. For more information, please phone 250-595-4232 or visit www.bolen.bc.ca. www.harbourpublishing.com
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    See June 3rd listing.
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    See June 3rd listing.
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    Dahr Jamail, author of the recently released book "The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning In the Path of Climate Disruption" will be doing 4 stops on his lower Vancouver Island tour: Salt Spring Island (June 3), Sooke (June 4), UVic (June 5) and Duncan (June 6). Check those separate listings for time and place. The tour is being organized by Transition Sooke and is supported by UVic Social Justice Studies, Council of Canadians (Victoria), KAIROS (Victoria), One Cowichan and the B.C. Sierra Club. The climate crisis forces us to ask: to what do we devote ourselves? Info: https://sierraclub.bc.ca/event-the-end-of-ice/
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    Wednesday 15th at 7:00pm at Edward Milne Community School Theater . Doors open at 6:30pm, Tickets by donation. Set in the forests of Eastern Siberia at the turn of the century, it is a portrait of the friendship that grows between an aging hunter and a Russian surveyor. A romantic hymn to nature and the human spirit. Speaking of the film in greater detail, Kurosawa said, "The relationship between human beings and nature is getting worse and worse...I wanted to have people all over the world know about this Soviet Asian character who lived in harmony with nature... I think people should be more humble toward nature because we are a part of it and we must become harmonized with it. If nature is destroyed, human beings will be destroyed too. So, we can learn a lot from Dersu," (quoted in Donald Richie's The Films of Akira Kurosawa). Or, as the title character himself says in the film, "Man is very small before the face of nature." 94% Audience score in Rotten Tomatoes Dersu Uzala was the second Kurosawa film to earn an Academy Award. His 1950 film Rashomon won Best Foreign Language Film, and the director was awarded an honorary career-achievement Oscar in 1990. This story of friendship will fill your heart.
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    The Victoria Arion Male Choir with special guest violinist Tamsyn Klazek-Shryer celebrates in song Canada's diverse heritage, geography, and lifestyles. Featuring music composed by Ian Tyson ,Bruce Cockburn, Stan Rogers, Jan Garrett, Jimmy Rankin, Larry Nickel, Allister McGillvray and Harris loewen .It is an eclectic mix of joy and sorrow, upbeat and slow, frivolity and introspection.
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    Experience ten hot days and nights of the coolest music in town at this year's 36th Annual TD Victoria International JazzFest, starting June 21, 2019! Buy tickets today to discover world class artists and immerse yourself in the jazz, blues and more that contribute to Victoria's exceptional arts scene! Previously announced headliners appearing in the Marquee Series at the Royal Theatre and McPherson Playhouse are Raul Midón and Lionel Loueke & Laila Biali, The Suffers, Patricia Barber Trio, Joey Alexander Trio, Jesse Cook, Gregory Porter, and Jacob Collier. For more information on tickets and other acts, please visit our website at jazzvictoria.ca
  18. Why, because it indicates that he puts his concern for animals and the environment into actual, meaningful action? Are you an Inuit? If not, what's your excuse? No doubt you don't have one.
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    For the Love of Africa's Annual Water Garden Tour Tickets are $25 each. You can discuss your water garden designs with our designers. All proceeds of the tour will support our projects in Tanzania, East Africa. See www.watergardentour.ca for information on tickets, or call (250) 891-0762 for details. See also www.fortheloveofafrica.ca (for past projects). A ticket holder will see master gardeners, musicians and artists at many of the homes, as well as one location serving delicious desserts.
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    605 and 615 Speed Ave

    605 & 615 Speed Avenue The City is considering a Development Permit with Variances Application for a multi-unit residential development consisting of an approximately 14-storey and six-storey residential building. For more information, click here.
  21. 1900 Richmond Road The City is considering a rezoning application to replace the existing building at Richmond and Fort with a five storey assisted living building with ground-floor commercial use. For more information, click here.
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    Wilson Walk

    208, 210, 220, 230 & 240 Wilson Street The City is considering a Rezoning Application to allow for the construction of 22 strata townhouse units and 12 rental dwelling units. The proposal is concurrent with a Development Permit with Variances application. For more information, click here.
  23. 1906 & 1912 Duchess Street The City is considering a Rezoning Application to increase the site's density to allow for the development of an approximate five-storey, multiple-dwelling, residential building. For more information, click here.
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    JOSEPH PLASKETT: Still Life in a Hectic World Everyone is welcome. Please join us for our official opening reception Thursday, May 9th from 3 pm to 5 pm. Renaissance Lounge, The Union Club of British Columbia 805 Gordon Street, Victoria Dress code: Business Dress for Ladies and Gentleman For more information on the Club's dress code, please call 250-384-1151 Exhibition continues to July 2019 The still lifes of Joseph Plaskett always bring joy into a room and somehow quietens the hectic world beyond that room. And so we are delighted to fill the Club’s Renaissance Room with the joy of Plaskett’s iconic still lifes and tablescapes. Here is a table vacated after breakfast, the serviette laid purposefully, the café presse drained, the butter dish left uncovered. And here is a generous bowl of oranges, an hospitable pineapple, an amaryllis in vibrant red bud; and then we encounter the artist himself – a self portrait, looking directly at the viewer, but nestled into his own still life with antique surrounds and a vase of wispy flowers. Each time Plaskett documented the mundane, everyday life, he extended himself and somehow made the subject sing and made the objects significant. Joseph Plaskett: Remains of a Breakfast 1, 2005, oil on canvas, 28 x 36 inches Joseph Plaskett received a BA in history and a teaching certificate from the University of British Columbia in 1939. He went on to study with Jack Shadbolt and B.C. Binning at the Vancouver School of Art and with A.Y. Jackson at the Banff Summer School. In 1946 he was awarded the first Emily Carr Scholarship which he used to study at the California School of Fine Art, San Francisco. Canada’s most beloved painter later established his own foundation which continues to award similar scholarships to emerging artists. Known for his figurative and still life paintings, Plaskett has long been highly collectable. Prior to the artist’s death in 2014, he was still painting, exhibiting on two continents, and collecting awards including Officer of the Order of Canada and several honourary doctorates. Plaskett exhibited extensively in Canada as well as in London and Paris. His work is included in every major museum collection in Canada from Victoria to Charlottetown. View Exhibition winchestergalleriesltd.com
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    The Public

    Victoria Film Fest & Vic Theatre support Youth Empowerment The Vic Theatre is screening The Public from May 10 - 16 and donating 10% of ticket sales to the Victoria Youth Empowerment Society. Based on a real event, The Public, a star-studded film directed by Emilio Estevez, tells the tale of homeless patrons who occupy the library during an Arctic blast. The Public stars Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater, Jena Malone (Donnie Darko) and Michael Kenneth Williams (12 Years a Slave). The film's official premiere took place at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018. The decision to once again pair with a local charity comes after achieving such positive results with the CatVideoFest in March. The Vic Theatre supported the local charity Cat's Cradle Animal Rescue for its rescue and rehabilitation efforts with felines. Director of the Victoria Film Festival, Kathy Kay, says the decision to work with another organization was an easy one. "When The Vic has films with themes that lend themselves to our local charities, we see an opportunity to better our community. We loved being able to donate over $900 to Cat's Cradle's good work so we decided to do it again with another charity" says Kay. The Greater Victoria Public Library is also getting involved with The Vic Theatre and will be hosting the screening of The Public on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:45 PM. Attendees are welcome to share their thoughts on the subject matter with GVPL staff members in the lobby after the film. Tickets and showtimes available online at victoriafilmfestival.com/thevic/films.
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    Fine Art Auction & Jewellery Sale for Refugees A fundraising Fine Art Silent Auction and Jewellery Sale Monday, May 27 and Tuesday, May 28 at Chapel Gallery, St. Matthias Church, 600 Richmond Road, Victoria V8S 3Y7 takes place from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Silent Auction closes at 7:00 pm on May 28. Music and refreshments will be available both days. For more information please call: 250-598-2302. A sponsorship group “Spirited Hands” has been formed to sponsor an Eritrean Refugee Family of six. All proceeds from the Silent Auction and Jewellery Sale go towards supporting this family during their first year in Canada.
  27. Government needs to assign a dollar value to every ha of old-growth or mature forests left standing in the province. The current rule of thumb is approx. 10K per ha per year in environmental services they provide, including of course carbon sequestering. Until a forest is logged government places $0 value on these forests that have been providing free services to society since the last ice age. Older forests and their services are worth much more to society today and to future generations than stumpage taxes. Its clear that the Ministry of Forests has not known how to grow back a living forest, let alone high quality trees. due to continued reliance of natural forests to meet the majority of their AAC.
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