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Why, and how, we're mapping Nature in Victoria

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A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on top of a Rockland neighbourhood redwood


FOCUS is undertaking a long-term project to learn what species of native plants and animals remain in the Victoria area. Our goals are two-fold. First, we want to create a Victoria-based catalogue of species and their abundance. Over time, such a record will help this community know how well, or badly, each species is faring. Secondly, we want to encourage those Victorians who are already photographing the presence of native species. We hope that by providing a public place to exhibit their photographs, they will be encouraged to dig even deeper. Those of us already engaged in this process—observing and recording our observations—know that it’s a great way to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of all the other living things—animals, plants and fungi—with which we share Victoria. Once you have photographed a plant or animal, there’s a good chance it can be identified. Once it has a name, you can tap into the deep well of knowledge that has been accumulated about that species. Beware, though. Once you have started down this path, it’s very difficult to stop.

To follow our progress at mapping native animals, click here.

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