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Nancy Dolan
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‘Connect’ presents work created by 3 artists who shared zoom painting and drawing sessions during the pandemic and have continued the weekly practise. This exhibition features work by Marilyn Chapman, Linda Darby, and Nancy Dolan. The sessions tapped into the subconscious mind to play and experiment with paints and drawing materials while chatting and enjoying the art making.

The result is art born of observation and investigation—through creative play, each piece evolving in its own way.

This virtual connection seemed to bridge the space between us during Covid, bringing us closer together and promoting an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Our art journey provided a sense of meaning, purpose and belonging and allowed for a unique path forward for inspiration as together we all process these challenging times. Our art is born of observation and investigation. We express ourselves through creative play, each piece evolving in its own way.

‘Connect’ invites the viewer to explore, challenging one to think, to provoke, even to disturb… We dip our brushes into our souls and paint.

Edited by Nancy Dolan


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