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Object Biographies: Artists’ Lives through their Archives


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Object Biographies: Artists’ Lives through their Archives
Legacy Maltwood Gallery, UVic campus

Continuing to January 12, 2020

A printing block. Glaze samples. Pouches of pigments. Why are these items in UVic’s archives, and what can they tell us about the lives, relationships, artworks and practices of the artists who owned them? Object Biographies is a glimpse into the lives of artists through their archives, including those of Robin Hopper, Glenn Howarth, the Limners, Katharine Maltwood, Aiyyana Maracle, Sandra Meigs, Margaret Peterson,and Vincent Rickard. The gallery is in Mearns Centre for Learning-McPherson Library. Legacy.uvic.ca, 250-721-6562.

Glenn Howarth, Portrait of Sheri, c. 1973-1975, oil on canvas, University of Victoria Acquisition Fund, UVic Legacy Art Galleries


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