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Night Watch Auditions


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NIGHT WATCH, by Lucille Fletcher
Directed by Neville Owen & Janine Longy

Is Elaine Wheeler really seeing dead people in the window across the way? No one believes her, including her husband, a psychiatrist and her old friend and house guest. Add an inquisitive and rather strange neighbour, and a nosy German maid, and the suspense and mystery deepen towards a riveting and chilling climax.


Elaine Wheeler – 30-50 years old, elegant, fragile in demeanour, central character 
John Wheeler – 30-50 years old, successful stockbroker, self-contained
Blanche Cooke – 30-50 years old, efficient, sophisticated
Helga – 40 +years old, German maid, strong personality 
Curtis Appleby – 50+ years old, effeminate 
Lieutenant Walker – 50-60 male , ambitious, solid old style police officer
Vanelli – 30+ years old , male or female, well educated 
Sam Hoke – 50+ years old, shabby, crusty, arch typical Brooklyn 
Dr. Tracey Lake – 30+ years old, professional, self assured

Auditions are Fri. August 17 at 7pm or Sat. August 18 at 2pm, with callbacks Sun. August 19 at 2pm. 
This play runs October 10-21.

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