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The Painted Land


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Anna B Grant

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This event began 2022-08-02 and repeats every day until 2022-08-21


The landscape paintings of Anna B. Grant are visual metaphors of an ever-changing landscape-reshaped by human impact, yet struggling to regenerate itself. Through a dreamlike and abstract style, Grant's landscapes express the transformative force of the natural world.

Inspired by the coastal landscapes of British Columbia, Grant's artworks embody their shorelines dotted with islands and green and shady forests. As a visual storyteller, she interweaves abstract and brightly coloured shapes to create imagined landscapes.

Grants processes emphasize the changing environment she depicts. Her paintings are achieved by pouring stains of acrylic paint on the canvas. Grant mixes different shades of colour by pouring them onto plastic sheets. Once dry, she peels them off and integrates them into the support, creating ambiguous figure-ground relationships.

Grants plasticized landscapes present an uneasy beauty that is both compelling and perplexing. There is a dystopic feeling that makes us question what we see when we experience the ever-changing natural world.


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