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"Simple Life" Art Show Barbara Tolloczko


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Goward House

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This event began 2022-07-08 and repeats every day until 2022-08-17


Barbara Tolloczko
www. tolloczkoart.com
I was educated as a scientist but always maintained a keen interest
in arts. While working as a researcher at McGill University in Montreal I
studied art and obtained a BFA degree from Concordia University.
In my work I use a variety of media - drawing, oil painting and
printmaking - to create both figurative and abstract pieces. My work
has been shown at several venues and is included in private
collections in Canada, US, England, France and Poland.
I like my work to express specific ideas and to provoke reflection.
What’s more, the creative process itself, spending time working with
my hands, gives me a valuable meditative possibility.
“Simple LIfe” project is not, as it might be expected, about simple ways
of peoples’ lives but about so-called simple organisms.The imagery is
inspired by microscopical images of mainly unicellular organisms and
often serves as a metaphor for human behaviour or emotions.
The idea of a single cell being simple, it is anything but. These small
beings are a strange and beautiful place of complexity, grace and
mystery. Juxtaposition of the idea of simple organisms and complex
structure and function is endlessly fascinating. It draws our attention
to notice small things and events, makes us understand their
significance and makes us aware that l ife is beautiful and important
and deserves respect at each level and in any form.


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