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SS Valencia: “A Theatre of Horror”


SS Valencia: “A Theatre of Horror” at the Maritime Museum of BC

After a year delay due to the pandemic, the Maritime Museum of BC is thrilled to announce that it will be hosting the exhibit titled SS Valencia: “A Theatre of Horror”from 12 March to 2 September 2021. 




About the Exhibit

The shipwreck of the SS Valencia is well known as one of the worst maritime disasters in an area along Vancouver Island’s west side known as “The Graveyard of the Pacific”. Its tale lives on in Victoria through ghost stories and it has even captured the attention of an international audience. But what actually played out during this dramatic sinking? How did this “theatre of horror” drag on for 40 hours? What are the human stories behind the infamous scene of the shipwreck?


This exhibit tells the story of the SS Valencia and considers what conditions led to such a horrific ending. By meeting a cast of characters thrown together by fate, visitors will hear the human stories behind the tragedy and consider what effect trauma had on the events. Visitors will also get to see objects recovered from the Valencia wreck including some of mysterious circumstances. Valencia’s story is enrapturing and will continue to live on in the lore of BC’s maritime history. Visit the Maritime Museum of BC today to learn more about this infamous shipwreck.


Exhibit Dates: 12 March – 2 September 2021

Location: 634 Humboldt Street, Victoria BC, 250-385-4222

Hours of Operation:

Spring Break (March 16-27): Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10-5

April to Victoria Day: Thursdays to Saturdays, 10-5

Victoria Day to 2 September: Tuesdays to Saturdays, 105


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