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Diego Narvaez: Behind Us


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Behind Us

A landscape painting exhibition where urban and natural collide.

Fortune Gallery is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition Behind Us, a painting series by Mexican Visual Artist Diego Narvaez, from October 4th until November 1st, 2020.

Behind Us is a group of landscape paintings in which the ways we define the urban and the natural are challenged. The encounter between the ever-growing city and the wild nature is presented in a sublime and sometimes tragic manner. Surprise, mystery and even uncomfortable feelings are part of the experience when observing these contemporary landscapes.

The artist has gone beyond mere aesthetics and representation to construct visual metaphors where we, as viewers, can reflect on our relationship with the environment. What would happen if I find myself in that place? How do I perceive that situation and what are the emotions that grow in me? How does this relate to our day-to-day surroundings?

This exhibition opens a space for us to ponder on the places that we take for granted and to look behind us.

Diego Narvaez (1984) was born in Mexico City and moved to Sooke, BC in May 2019. His work focuses on landscape painting while creating visual metaphors of how we, as society, construct reality through sight and how this affects our relationship with the environment.

Narvaez completed his BFA (2004-08) in the National Autonomous University of Mexico and received the Gabino Barreda medal for obtaining the highest grades in his class. He has presented solo exhibitions in important venues in Mexico, such as Anahuacalli-Diego Rivera Museum and the Cultural Centre of Contemporary Mexico. Collectively, he has participated in exhibitions in USA, Argentina, Canada and Mexico. He obtained the first prize in Mexico’s Landscape Painting Biennial Luis Nishizawa in 2017. Narvaez has worked in landscape projects in Antarctica, Iceland and the West Coast of North America. He is steadily building his art career in BC, with two awards from The Sooke Fine Arts Show.

Visual Artist and NOAA Artist-In-Residence K.A. Colorado comments on Diego Narvaez’s Work:

“I think of Diego's art as true to nature's voice against the simple feeble attempt of humans to create alternative monuments to his ego-driven methods in architecture and technology. Narvaez celebrates nature's omnipotence over urban possibilities and realities in his art.

His worthy contributions are fundamental to the recognition of man's place in the larger game of life's consequences yet to be played out in the not too distant future.”

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