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Inspired Journey • New work celebrating the life and landscape paintings of Anne Meggitt


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For four decades, Anne Meggitt has regularly exhibited new work at solo art shows throughout Canada and internationally. This month, Anne will present her last exhibition of new work.

Turning 90 in August and having recently been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Anne’s passion to paint remains her driving force. Though this disease may soon leave her unable to paint, she is at peace with the knowledge that she has followed her passion unwaveringly until now. Anne has always sought and found inspiration and has rarely put down her brush. She is extremely pleased to share her passion, once more, in this exhibition.

Prior to moving to Victoria in 2013, Anne exhibited in commercial and public galleries as an established Saskatchewan artist for many years. Her work has been exhibited in five provinces, England, and Ireland during her extensive career. Anne’s work is represented in collections of the BC Government, Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa), MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina), Moose Jaw Art Museum, Saskatchewan Arts Board, Bundanon Trust (Australia), Royal Bank of Canada, Petro-Canada and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Before moving with her family to Canada in the 1970s, Anne studied fine art at England’s University of Reading in the late 1940s (under Antony Betts, a pupil and friend of Walter Sickert) then spent two decades in Africa and Malaysia, where life started for her five children. Anne lived in Regina, Saskatchewan for much of her career, all the while travelling regularly and producing artwork from her travel research. During Anne’s Canadian painting career, her exhibitions have featured numerous Canadian landscapes as well as landscapes of Australia’s outback and Tasmania, China’s Yangtze gorges, Scotland’s Orkney Islands, Cornwall, and Spain’s Granada, to name a few.

“... she chooses dense and complicated compositions from what she sees before her.”
~ Robert Amos, Times Colonist (September 2017)

“… her understanding of painting and the layers of meaning that this show carries are the accumulation of her experience. Mature artwork never just springs from nowhere. Anne has moved through many, many areas of interest in her landscape painting – from paintings filled with sky and clouds, to landscapes of all rock and foreground with very little vegetation, to work all about colour, and on to work with a very limited palette…”
~ Heather Smith, Curator, Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery (Sylvan Tapestry: Anne Meggitt at Emma Lake, 2005)

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Paintings may be viewed on the homepage at annemeggitt.com
40% Discount thru September

For more info email artist@annemeggitt.com
or please call Fortune Gallery at 250.383.1552

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