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Doing Things ‘n Stuff: John G. Boehme


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Doing Things ‘n Stuff: An accumulation of actions, relics, recent work, and more from John G. Boehme

Open Space presents Doing Things ‘n Stuff: An accumulation of actions, relics, recent work, and more from John G. Boehme. Opening on September 13 with a reception on September 20, the month-long exhibition will highlight the international practice of Victoria-based performance artist John G. Boehme and cast a light on the vibrant performance art community within the city.

Over the past twenty-five years Boehme has created a body of work that explores his own physicality in relation to materials and processes. Often situating his work in critical response to current issues and concerns of contemporary performance art, Boehme works with sculpture, video, and live action, at times simultaneously, integrating materials, media, and processes into installations and time-based events.

For Boehme, “physical involvement is the most thorough and embodied way in which to create meaning.” In his durational works, “both the artist and the audience become privy to knowledge available only through this kind of commitment.”

Boehme is an undeniable presence in the Victoria performance art community, and the Open Space exhibition will offer the opportunity for the public to witness a series of past and current works, including installations, sculptures, videos, and printed matter.
Exhibition: September 13-October 12, Tues-Sat, 12-5pm
Opening reception: Friday, September 20, 7-9pm
Performance: Thursday, October 10, 7:00pm

See www.openspace.ca

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