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Film Night: "What Is Democracy?"


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Co-presented by Awareness Film Night and Transition Sooke.

Coming at a moment of profound political and social crisis, "What Is Democracy?" reflects on a word we too often take for granted. Director Astra Taylor comments on why she made this film:  "A word we say and hear all the time but rarely reflect on, "democracy" is both an ideal and a reality, a rousing aspiration and a devastating disappointment....democracy means the people (demos) have power (cratia).  But who are the people, especially in this moment of increasing hostility and division?"  Featuring a diverse cast- including celebrated theorists such as Cornel West, trauma surgeons, activists, factory workers, asylum seekers and former prime ministers, this 2018 National Film Board documentary spans continents and millennia.

Filmgoers are invited and encouraged to participate in the post-screening discussion facilitated by Transition Sooke's co-president Michael Tacon.

By donation. Info: awarenessfilmnight.ca  Trailer: vimeo.com/266692157


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