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    August 05, 2022 06:00 PM      August 06, 2022 07:00 AM

    This event began 2022-08-02 and repeats every day until 2022-08-21

    The landscape paintings of Anna B. Grant are visual metaphors of an ever-changing landscape-reshaped by human impact, yet struggling to regenerate itself. Through a dreamlike and abstract style, Grant's landscapes express the transformative force of the natural world.
    Inspired by the coastal landscapes of British Columbia, Grant's artworks embody their shorelines dotted with islands and green and shady forests. As a visual storyteller, she interweaves abstract and brightly coloured shapes to create imagined landscapes.
    Grant’s processes emphasize the changing environment she depicts. Her paintings are achieved by pouring stains of acrylic paint on the canvas. Grant mixes different shades of colour by pouring them onto plastic sheets. Once dry, she peels them off and integrates them into the support, creating ambiguous figure-ground relationships.
    Grant’s plasticized landscapes present an uneasy beauty that is both compelling and perplexing. There is a dystopic feeling that makes us question what we see when we experience the ever-changing natural world.

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    August 06, 2022 03:00 AM      07:00 AM

    This event began 2022-08-03 and repeats every day forever

    In this hilarious and outlandish story, the lives of six teenagers from a Canadian chamber choir are cut short in a freak accident aboard a roller coaster. When they awake in limbo, a mechanical fortune teller invites each to tell a story to win a prize like no other — the chance to return to life. A funny, moving look at what makes a life well-lived!
    Directed by Jacob Richmond and Treena Stubel with Music Direction by Jeff Poynter
    Choreographed by Treena Stubel and assisted by Andrea Lemus
    Show cast includes Madeleine Humeny as Ocean, Yasmin D'Oshun as Constance, Keith McMillan as
    Ricky, Carter Gulseth as Noel, Matt Coulson as Mischa, Anna Shill as Jane Doe and Jacob Richmond as
    Karnak. Set design by Hans Saefkow, costume design by Emily Friesen and lighting design by Rebekah Johnson

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    August 06, 2022 04:30 PM      10:30 PM

    This event began 2022-07-08 and repeats every day until 2022-08-17

    Barbara Tolloczko
    www. tolloczkoart.com
    I was educated as a scientist but always maintained a keen interest
    in arts. While working as a researcher at McGill University in Montreal I
    studied art and obtained a BFA degree from Concordia University.
    In my work I use a variety of media - drawing, oil painting and
    printmaking - to create both figurative and abstract pieces. My work
    has been shown at several venues and is included in private
    collections in Canada, US, England, France and Poland.
    I like my work to express specific ideas and to provoke reflection.
    What’s more, the creative process itself, spending time working with
    my hands, gives me a valuable meditative possibility.
    “Simple LIfe” project is not, as it might be expected, about simple ways
    of peoples’ lives but about so-called simple organisms.The imagery is
    inspired by microscopical images of mainly unicellular organisms and
    often serves as a metaphor for human behaviour or emotions.
    The idea of a single cell being simple, it is anything but. These small
    beings are a strange and beautiful place of complexity, grace and
    mystery. Juxtaposition of the idea of simple organisms and complex
    structure and function is endlessly fascinating. It draws our attention
    to notice small things and events, makes us understand their
    significance and makes us aware that l ife is beautiful and important
    and deserves respect at each level and in any form.

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    August 06, 2022 04:00 PM      10:00 PM

    This event began 2022-05-07 and repeats every week on Saturday until 2022-09-24

    Meet us at the James Bay Community Market
    Saturdays – May 7th through Sept. 24th
    The James Bay Market is a vibrant community farmers market located at the corner of Menzies and Superior Street in the heart of James Bay. You will still find yourself surrounded by a bounty of fresh local produce and farm goods, beautiful and unique artisan crafts and fresh ready-to-eat foods.
     You will love the fine handcrafted wood items, whimsical home décor and naturally crafted body products. We also have top-quality traditional baked goods, speciality sauces and seasonings and dried soup mixes. Hungry? You will find prepared food you can eat right on site in our picnic area. We also have a vast array of farm-fresh products from farm-fresh meats to seasonal veggies and fruits.
     Along with a unique community shopping experience, live local music by some of the area's most talented musicians will entertain you throughout the day. There is also plenty of room to sit and relax or have a bite to eat, while you take in the ambience of the market.
     Visit us at the corner of Menzies and Superior every Saturday rain or shine from 9am – 3pm. The market runs from May 7th until the 24th of September. Free parking on Superior and we have a limited amount of 1-hour parking spaces in the adjacent lot, inquire at information tent.

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