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Leo Kottke - Saltspring Island


Event details

Virtuoso acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke returns to Saltspring Island for one night only - Tuesday, March 20, 8pm at ArtSpring Theatre. All seats reserved, $40/$45, available at www.artspring.com, 250-537-2102. Further information: www.innermusica.ca, 250-884-7479. 

Widely regarded as one of the most influential guitarists of all time, Leo Kottke is known mostly for his scintillating live performances and entertaining view on life. When it created the Leo Kottke signature model, Taylor guitars described its namesake this way: “More than any other artist, Leo Kottke has defined the role of the contemporary acoustic guitarist as self-styled virtuoso, amassing a worldwide following in the process.  The self-taught guitarist first surfaced with his legendary 1969 recording, “Six and Twelve-String Guitar”. Since then he has blazed a singular stylistic path that continues to diverge from mainstream guitar music. Classical precision, pop attractiveness, jazz fluency, 20th-century harmony, bluesy fundamentalism, rubbery, syncopated rhythms, and lyrics that feature quasi-literary characterizations all vie for supremacy in his music and challenge preconceived notions of how acoustic guitar music should sound. In addition to his masterful musicianship, Kottke is beloved for a droll perspective on life that puts a tilt on his material and keeps concert audiences highly amused.”  – Taylor Guitars

“His fingers unleash a flurry of notes that evoke a quirky world of wonder: part bluegrass breakdown, part folk ballad, part Delta blues, part nursery rhyme. All this and surreally funny rambling monologues, too.”  – Baltimore City Paper

He has the kind of impeccable ability to play different lines simultaneously that almost requires a split brain. The man’s right hand should be preserved for science.  – Salon.com