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Victoria's Housing Challenges: Policy & Planning?


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Victoria's Housing Challenges: Policy & Planning?

URBAN AFFAIRS Conversation Cafe

7:00 pm, Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017

James Bay New Horizons, 234 Menzies Street

In Budget 2017, the federal government, stated “all Canadians need and deserve housing that is safe, adequate and affordable”. Good housing is the cornerstone of healthy, strong communities, even if we disagree about the best way to achieve it. Let’s talk!

Join in the conversation – Your Voice & Views Matter!

MILE ZERO MATTERS Hosts monthly dialogues on topical urban issues in the City of Victoria.

For more information contact: milezeromatters@gmail.com

Affordability – Housing is essential to people’s overall well-being. For housing to meet this standard, it must be available at a cost that leaves people with enough money to meet their households’ needs and participate in society. That generally means that people have good options that cost no more than 30 per cent of their gross household income.

Quality – Housing must provide safe and healthy living conditions, in form and function. This goes beyond adequacy, state of good repair, and the absence of overcrowding. To meet this standard, we need to ensure suitability and take into account diverse needs for accessibility and supports, and the ability to access local transportation, employment and community services.

Security – An essential element of housing that meets people’s needs is the availability of secure long-term tenure – someplace where people can confidently build a home for the long term without the risk of eviction. Security includes both legal arrangements and financial predictability.

Source: “Policy brief: Three ways the national Housing Strategy can support the right to housing”, Noah Zon, Hadley Nelles, and Hannah Aldrige, p. 5 (Maytree Foundation, July 2017).

* * *

Canada’s international commitments to human rights, including the right to housing, must be a right for everyone in this country. As citizens and residents of British Columbia’s capital city, Victorians should be in the forefront of the movement for decent, affordable, and secure housing for everyone.

What will it take to turn this right into reality? Your voice: – to express your needs!

You play a vital role in the policy conversation and decision-making process. It begins with joining others from the neighbourhood and across the city who want to see the right to housing not only in legislation, but as the foundation for all the work of planning and building a healthy, vibrant and inclusive city for everyone.

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