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Picturing the Giants


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June 10 – September 4, 2017


The Changing Landscapes of Emily Carr

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, www.aggv.ca

PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE Sat, June 10 | All Day


Growth had repaired all the damage and hidden the scars. There were second-growth trees, lusty and fine, tall-standing, bracken and sword ferns, sallal, rose and blackberry vines, useless trees that nobody cuts, trees ill-shaped and twisty that stood at the foot of those mighty arrow-straight monarchs long since chewed by steel teeth in the might mills, chewed into utility, nailed into houses, churches, telephone poles, all the “woodsyness” extracted, nothing remaining but wood.

Emily Carr, “A Tabernacle in the Wood, 1935,” Hundreds and Thousands
Emily Carr’s output reveals an artist whose style and content continually evolved. Philosophically, however, at the root of her entire oeuvre, is an unwavering love of nature and the landscapes that surrounded her. Over the years, the AGGV’s collection of Carr’s work has formed the foundation of several exhibitions, each examining the artist’s career from a different viewpointPicturing the Giants uses the lens of her increasing interest in environmental issues. In journal entry aboveCarr  expresses the contradiction she sees between the spiritual and utilitarian value of trees; she also describes a belief that cutting and regrowth could be well-managed. Picturing the Giants will also consider the question “What would Carr think of today’s treatment of our forests?”

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