• In memoriam: John Shields, a life of purpose
    The former priest, social worker and union activist died on March 24. Here's an interview from March 2012.

    Amy Reiswig

    John Shields for front.jpg

    John Shields


    How the refugee crisis is playing out in Victoria
    The US is slamming its door on refugees. Will that affect Victorians wanting to sponsor a refugee?

    Leslie Campbell

    refugee crisis.jpg

    Syrian refugees


    Full Circle
    Artist Susan Point has pushed boundaries for women and Coast Salish design.

    Aaren Madden

    Susan Point at work.2.jpg

    Susan Point


    A pool of money, Olympic-sized
    The City of Victoria wants to build a $70-million swimming pool but must first obtain elector consent.

    Ross Crockford

    Crystal Pool.2.jpg

    Victoria's Crystal Pool


    Robb Beresford is back
    Former Ballet Victoria star returns to Victoria with renowned Alonzo King LINES Ballet of San Francisco

    Robin J Miller

    Shostakovich quinn b wharton.jpg

    Robb Beresford and Courtney Henry


    Silky sass and secret lives
    The Millies give voice to their daring, fun-loving, theatrical selves in a benefit for Hospice.

    Amy Reiswig


    Lynda Raino, Mollie Kaye, Elizabeth Adilman


    Eulogy virtues
    What makes people truly good?

    Trudy Duivenvoorden Mitic

    April Caverhill.2.jpg

    Illustration by April Caverhill


  • Chief Beau Dick, Kwakwaka'wakw artist and storyteller, dies at age 61
    Beau touched the lives of many people through his art and storytelling.

    Leslie Campbell

    Beau Dick at 2013 ceremonial shaming at BC leg.jpg

    Chief Beau Dick in 2013


    Victoria's iconic, world-class blunder
    Project promoters are still claiming the new bridge will be "world-class" and "iconic." Unfortunately, they may be right.

    David Broadland

    New bridge with background stripped out.jpg

    New Johnson Street Bridge, March 2017


    An offering to the whales of the Salish Sea
    Their numbers are declining, but—despite all the noise, pollution and overfishing—the orca are still here.

    Briony Penn

    Granny photo by Mark Malleson.2.jpg

    Granny, one of 10 orcas to perish in 2016


    BC's climate debate heats up
    The climate action strategies of BC's political parties going into May's election.

    Judith Lavoie

    Larsen C Iceshelf crack NASA.2.jpg

    Crack in Larsen C ice shelf


    Sacred Herb / Devil's Weed
    Andrew Struthers takes readers on a long, strange—and fun—trip through marijuana and human culture.

    Amy Reiswig

    Sacred Herb.jpg

    Book cover by Clint Hutzulak


    Community is perishable
    And somebody should definitely do something about this sometime.

    Gene Miller

    zombie apocalypse.jpg

    Victoria's downtown as seen from Langford


    Letters from FOCUS readers
    On psychiatric drugs, regional growth strategies, dysfunctional government, McLoughlin Point's fatal flaw, sewage, participatory budgeting, the opioid crisis, LNG in Brentwood Bay and homelessness.

    Focus Readers

    Tent City Victoria Courthouse lawn.jpg

    Tent City near Victoria Courthouse, 2016

  • Robin Hopper: artist, teacher, gardener
    Renowned Victoria artist Robin Hopper, made a member of the Order of Canada last December, died on April 6 at age 77. 

    Aaren Madden

    Robin Hopper portrait.jpg

    Robin Hopper


    Saanich Councillor Vic Derman remembered
    Vic was broadly admired for his principled approach to civic politics and his work for environmental sustainability.

    David Broadland and Leslie Campbell

    Vic Derman.2.jpg

    Vic Derman


    Shawnigan water fears spill into election
    The Liberals cancelled a waste discharge permit, but will the issue impact the election?

    Judith Lavoie

    Shawnigan Lake protest.2.jpg

    Shawnigan Lake protest


    Letter to soccer moms
    "Selling sickness" is on full display in the push for grade-six boys to be given a questionable vaccine.

    Alan Cassels

    HPV vaccination.2.jpg

    HPV vaccination


    Alice Munro, word for word
    The Belfry gives us Differently and Save the Reaper —verbatim style—from Canada's beloved Nobel-winner.

    Monica Prendergast

    Alice Munro.2.jpg

    Alice Munro


    Tales of two booksellers
    Mel Bolen and Jim Munro built monuments to the written word.

    Ross Crockford

    Jim Munro outside Munro's Books.2.jpg

    Jim Munro polishing the brass


    Conservationist Louise Goulet
    Preserving the flora of the Garry oak meadow ecosystem in the face of development.

    Maleea Acker

    Louise Goulet.2.jpg

    Louise Goulet